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Why Switch from Electric to Propane in Your Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky Home?

If you use electricity to power your home appliances, you’re missing out on the many benefits of one of the most versatile, environmentally friendly, and efficient fuels around: propane gas.

In a classic case of “anything you can do, I can do better,” propane can power virtually any appliance in your home – and usually do it while improving performance compared to electricity in just about every way you can measure it.

Here are just some of the benefits of converting your electric-powered home to propane:

  • Because it burns so efficiently, heating with propane can save you hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills compared to electricity.
  • Appliances that run on clean-burning propane typically last longer and require less maintenance than electric appliances, saving you money and hassles in the long run, too.
  • Propane is extremely versatile: it can power your stove, fireplaces, outdoor grill, clothes dryer, outdoor lighting and more – and do it all more efficiently than electricity from a single propane tank that we maintain.
  • Propane burns hotter than electricity, which means you’ll get warm air coming from your vents – not the cold comfort provided by an electric heat pump.
  • Because it burns hotter, propane will heat your water more quickly, too – good news if you like long, hot showers. Propane water heaters will also save you about 30 percent on your heating bills compared to their electric counterparts – unless you choose a propane tankless water heater, in which case it’s more like a 50 to 60 percent savings.
  • Propane can power your house during a power outage, which will keep all your home systems (including your sump pump, home security systems, refrigerator, and more) up and running – a trick that could prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

Converting to propane is not as expensive or complicated as you might think. Our expert technicians can install anything from propane tanks to propane appliances, helping you make a smart switch from electricity.

Contact us today to learn more about powering your Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home with propane, or to request a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane conversion!

Should I buy or lease my propane tank?

A propane tank is a fairly simple piece of equipment – but because it holds pressurized propane gas, it is critical to maintain it properly, and to fix any problems that occur with it immediately and correctly.

The question is, who’s going to pay for all of that work?

When you lease a tank from Advanced Propane,

  • We take care of all required inspections and maintenance.
  • We take care of all repairs; if your tank needs to be replaced, we’ll do it…for free.
  • If the tank ever leaks, we’ll replace it…for free.
  • If you need a larger or smaller tank, we’ll swap tanks…for free.

When you buy your own propane tank,

  • We will inspect and repair your tank but you are responsible for any repairs, which can become expensive.
  • If your tank leaks, any gas lost is your responsibility.
  • By law, we cannot fill an improperly maintained tank – which means if we find a problem we cannot deliver your gas.

When you get right down to it, leasing your tank is almost always the smart choice.

Expert, convenient propane tank installations in Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky

If you’re ready for a new propane tank, we’re ready for you! Our expert propane technicians will help you right-size your underground or aboveground tank, then get it installed quickly, safely, and in compliance with all state, local, and federal codes.

Tanks from 100 gallons to 1,000 gallons capacity are available.

More Stringent Emission Standards on Wood Burning Heaters

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has updated its clean air standards for residential wood heaters. The goal is ensure new wood-heating units burn significantly cleaner, with fewer emissions being released into the atmosphere,

These first-ever federal air standards for previously unregulated new wood heaters cover outdoor and indoor wood-fired boilers (also known as hydronic heaters), indoor wood-fired forced air furnaces, and single burn-rate woodstoves.

According to the EPA, the new standards require new woodstoves and heaters to operate about 80 percent cleaner than current models. This will lead to important air quality and public health improvements in communities across the country.

The EPA took action because smoke from residential wood heaters can increase toxic air pollution, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and soot to levels that pose serious health concerns. Looking ahead, these new regulations for emissions most likely will make woodstoves more expensive or even difficult to find.

For homeowners and businesses looking for alternatives to wood heaters, propane fireplaces and stoves offer a cleaner-burning, healthier option. These are also more efficient and convenient than wood-burning units, and they operate on a fuel that’s easily available even in rural areas.

Simply put, propane burns much cleaner than wood. As just one example, a wood-burning fireplace can produce 4,000% more emissions than a propane unit!

These emission standards will strengthen the value of propane heating products even further. The team at Advanced Propane looks forward to bringing clean-burning, affordable warmth and energy to Tennessee and Kentucky homes and businesses for many years to come.

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