Four questions to ask a prospective propane supplier

If you’re looking for a new propane supplier, you will probably have a number of options to choose from in our Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky service area.

The question is, how do pick the best one?

Here are four questions to help you separate the legitimate suppliers from their here today-gone tomorrow competitors.

  1. Do you have any fees or incentives for new customers?

All propane dealers collect some surcharges for propane delivery, but some suppliers tack on five or six times as much as they need to just to do the job. Some discounters go the other direction, offering great introductory prices but raising them once you’re a committed customer. Advanced Propane offers fair, competitive prices and low surcharges on every gallon of propane we deliver to your home or business from day one.

  1. What services do you provide besides propane delivery? 

Does your prospective propane supplier offer the support you need to keep your family safe and comfortable all year long – or convenient ways to make bill paying easier and less stressful? We do. From expert, cost effective propane installation and service for your propane appliances to flexible payment options like our Budget Billing program, which makes bill paying more predictable by spreading your bills out over a full year with no finance charge applied, Advanced Propane gives you more of what you need.

  1.  Will you help me manage my propane usage?
    Your life is busy enough without having to worry about watching your propane fuel gauge or remembering to schedule a propane gas delivery – but many propane suppliers offer no way to take those responsibilities off your hands. We do: with our FREE Keep Filled option, we’ll monitor your average use and the current weather to send a delivery when your tank’s about 25 percent full; you’ll never have to think about managing your propane again.
  2. How will you help me have peace of mind?

This is probably the most important question to ask your potential propane supplier. To us, peace of mind is all about making your life easier and more predictable – something we work hard to do for all our customers.  With Advanced Propane, you’ll rest easy knowing that:

  • We have plenty of propane on hand and available for you
  • Your propane will be delivered by a team of pros who put your safety first, using a fleet of well-maintained trucks that stay on the road in any weather
  • Your propane equipment will be installed and maintained by highly trained, vetted technicians who offer expert maintenance and 24/7/365 emergency service
  • We have the commercial propane expertise you need to advise you on any job for your farm, construction project, or any other propane-powered business
  • You’re part of the Advanced Propane Family!

Have any other questions about propane delivery, propane appliances or propane service for your home or business? Call us and ask – we’d love to hear from you!