The More the Merrier: Why It Pays to Add Propane Appliances in Your Home

Propane appliances

If you use propane to power your home heating system, you already know how efficient it is, and how well it does the job. The question is – why aren’t you using propane elsewhere in your home?

We see it all the time: a customer will have a propane furnace and an electric water heater, not realizing that switching to propane could save them 30 percent or more on their monthly bills – especially if they go tankless.

The benefits of propane as a power source for appliances aren’t limited to water heaters – or efficiency – either. Consider that:

  • A propane cooktop/range gives you precision temperature control that no electric cooktop can match – a big reason why 95 percent of professional chefs cook with gas.
  • Propane hearths give you a golden glow of a fire without the wood-fire set-up or clean up hassles; they also provide an efficient, off-grid source of backup heat during a power outage.
  • A propane clothes dryer will dry faster while producing less static than an electric dryer, which means less wear and tear on your favorite clothes.
  • Propane space and patio heaters deliver more heat to a wider space than even the most powerful electric space heaters can – and do it for less money, too.

In short, every propane appliance you add to your home helps you get better performance and more comfort for your hard-earned dollar. And best of all, all these appliances can be linked to a single aboveground or underground propane tank. Talk about ease and simplicity!

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