Why is my propane tank making noises?

If you hear a hissing sound coming from your propane tank, you will probably immediately assume it is a propane leak – and of course, if you smell a rotten egg odor, you should follow propane safety procedures immediately.

But that hissing noise may not be a propane leak at all.

As our friends at propane101.com explain, there could be two other hiss-making culprits to blame, including:

  • An open bleeder valve – The bleeder valve – also known as a liquid level gauge – is a small device that enables your delivery technician to accurately monitor how much propane is in the tank during a refill. To deliver your propane, your driver must open the bleeder valve; if it doesn’t close properly, it will hiss. If you have an open bleeder valve, simply turn it clockwise to stop the flow of gas.
  • An open relief valve – A pressure relief valve is a required feature on all propane tanks and cylinders, because propane gas expands when heated. On a hot, sunny day, you may find that the relief valve is open (and hissing); that is because it is doing its job by slowly releasing pressure from inside the tank. Never try to close, look into, or tap an open relief valve! If you want to relieve some pressure in your tank, spray cool water from a garden hose on the tank’s surface to cool it down a bit.

If you have checked these options and the hissing noise persists, you may have a propane gas leak – contact us immediately for service.

Keep your family safe in your propane-powered home by using your eyes, nose and ears! Learn more about propane safety here – or contact us with questions any time.