Why Should I Install a Propane Gas Detector?

Gas cylinder leak

If you use propane to power appliances in your Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home, you know that a propane leak smells like rotten eggs – and what to do if you detect one.

But sometimes, conditions can make it harder to detect propane’s telltale odor. Odor loss can result from:

  • Excessive air, water, or rust in your propane tank
  • An underground propane leak (propane’s odor diffuses in soil)
  • Odor “sticking” to the inside of the propane distribution pipes

Even something as simple as having a cold can prevent you from smelling a propane leak.

With all this in mind, it is important to take sensible precautions if you power appliances in your home with propane. Always err on the side of caution – React immediately if you detect a propane odor, following all propane leak safety procedures to get your family to safety.

We also strongly recommend that you install a propane gas detector (or detectors, depending on the size and layout of your home), which will warn you of a propane leak whether or not an odor is present. Inexpensive and easy to install, these unobtrusive units will protect your family in the unlikely event of a propane gas leak in your home. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for placement and maintenance.

Your safety is always our priority at Advanced Propane! If you have any other questions about propane safety or propane delivery within our service area, be sure to let us know.