Why Now Is a GREAT Time to Get Your Propane Tank Filled

Excited toddler

Fall is in full swing here in Tennessee and Kentucky, which makes it a great time to get out catch a Titans game or enjoy the crunch of leaves on a long hike.

It’s also the perfect time to schedule your propane delivery. Consider these four great reasons why:

  • It’s not peak season yet – Propane prices rise as temperatures drop; milder weather makes early fall one of the best times to save money on your propane tank refills.
  • Weather is more predictable – Sudden cold snaps happen less often in the early fall than they do later in the season. Get a propane fill-up now and you’ll be ready for any sudden weather shifts.
  • You will be prepared for anything… – No-heat emergencies are no fun, as we saw last year. Schedule your propane tank refill now and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe in any weather. Don’t forget to fill your propane backup generator, either!
  • …including fun time! – Whether you plan to fire up your propane grill for the big game, your propane fireplace for a cozy staycation, or your propane spa for a luxurious soak, you’ll need plenty of propane on hand in the cold weather months. Fill your propane tank now and you’ll be ready for fun.

Don’t be left out in the cold or pay more than you have to fill your propane tank – contact Advanced Propane to fill your propane tank today. We offer competitive prices, friendly service, and reliable propane deliveries anywhere in our service area.