Winter Preparedness for Your Propane Whole House Generator

Snow storm

Winter storms seem to get worse every year, and so do the power outages that can follow them. With the risk of a downed power grid rising, more people are turning to propane whole house generators for back-up power peace of mind.

We have already talked about the many benefits of a propane backup generator on this blog (it can literally be a lifesaver for your family, powering home medical equipment and keeping the heat on when winter is at its fiercest), but those benefits only matter if your generator is ready to go at a moment’s notice – something that can be a challenge during a cold snap unless you take some sensible precautions.

Here are three things you should do to prepare your propane standby generator to work during the winter months:

  1. Fill it with propane – Make sure your backup generator has enough propane to get you through at least a week without power, since conditions may delay propane deliveries.
  2. Run it every about every two-to-three weeks – What happens to a generator that hasn’t been run all winter? The same thing that happens when you leave your car in the driveway for three months during the winter without starting it. In the colder months, run your generator for at least half an hour once or twice per month to lubricate moving parts and maintain important seals (you can reduce the frequency to once every three months once the weather gets warmer).
  3. Get your generator inspected and serviced every year – Professional preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your generator running at its reliable best. Contact us to learn more about preventative maintenance for your whole house propane backup generator.

Advanced Propane: there when you need us most, just like your propane generator should be. Contact us today learn more about propane backup generators and propane generator maintenance – or to get a propane delivery before severe winter weather arrives here in Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky.