Automatic propane delivery is a great way to take the worry of managing your propane supply, and to help you to prevent costly and potentially dangerous propane runouts.

But as you probably know, automatic delivery is based on your average propane use during previous heating seasons (taking into account the current weather based on degree days, which we will talk about in a future blog). Just like so many other things in life, not everything, especially the weather, stays according to the plan!

Even the most intelligent estimations need complete, up-to-date information to remain accurate – which is why we need to hear from you if something significant has changed in your house or your home life that might affect how much propane you use.

For example, we need to know if:

  • Someone has moved into or out of your home
  • A tenant has left behind an empty apartment
  • A long-term guest has arrived or intends to leave
  • You plan to take an extended vacation, sabbatical, etc.
  • You plan to remodel or have already put an addition on your Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home

If any of these life events have happened for you since last heating season, let us know so we can adjust your propane delivery schedule.

If you’re planning changes like these to your home life, let us know so we can adjust your automatic propane deliveries to your Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home, today!