Propane appliances: The more, the merrier!

hot waterIf you use propane to power your home heating system, you already know that it’s one of the most efficient and clean-burning sources of home energy on the market. The question is, why aren’t you using propane elsewhere in your home?

We see it often in our service calls: someone will have a propane furnace and an electric water heater, not realizing that switching to a propane water heater could save them 30 percent or more on their monthly bills – especially if they choose a tankless water heater.

The benefits of choosing propane appliances aren’t limited to water heaters – or efficiency – either. Consider that:

  • A propane cooking range gives you precision temperature that no electric cooktop can match (which is why 95 percent of pro chefs choose gas ranges).
  • A propane fireplace will give you the glow a hearth at the push of a button, with no mess or hassles – plus an off-grid heat source in the event of a power outage.
  • A propane clothes dryer will dry clothes faster than an electric dryer and cause less wear and tear on your favorite outfits.
  • Propane space and patio heaters deliver heat more effectively to a wider warming radius than even the most powerful electric space heaters can – and do it for less money, too.

The bottom line: every propane appliance you add to your home helps you get better performance and more comfort for your hard-earned dollar. And best of all, all these appliances can be linked to a single aboveground or underground propane tank. Talk about simplicity!

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