Spring propane grill safety tips

grill foodIf you have a propane grill (or better yet, a propane-powered outdoor kitchen), you are probably itching to do a little outdoor cooking in the coming weeks as spring arrives here in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

Just make sure to do it safely!

Each year, thousands of grill accidents cause injuries to people and damage to property that could easily have been avoided with just a little precaution and preparation. Here are 10 reminders for how to use your propane grill safely as the warm weather approaches.

  • Never leave your grill unattended: unattended grills are the source of 46 percent of cooking fire-related civilian injuries, according to the National Fire Protection Association – more than any other factor.
  • Clean your propane grill after every use to avoid grease-burning flare-ups.
  • Keep your grill at least five feet from the house, on a level surface that is clear of potential fire hazards.
  • Before you fire up your grill, check it for leaks.
  • Have a fire extinguisher somewhere near your grill and make sure everyone knows where it is.
  • NEVER use your grill indoors! Not only is it a fire hazard, but propane combustion releases carbon monoxide – an odorless and potentially deadly gas that can build up in your home.
  • Keep your propane grill cover open until you’re sure the grill is lit – a closed lid can cause an explosive build-up of propane gas.
  • When you finish cooking, turn off both the burner control and the cylinder valve.
  • Always store propane cylinders outdoors in their vertical position.
  • When transporting your tank, put it in a secure, well-ventilated location in your vehicle. Place it upright with the valve off, and take it directly to the refilling location. Do not leave the tank unaccompanied in the vehicle!

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