Advanced Propane March 2019 blog #4

Tips for lighting outdoor spaces

Spring is here, and soon you will be spending more and more time outside your home –
and doing more of your entertainment from there, too!
One of the most important and overlooked elements when it comes to creating a
comfortable and enjoyable outdoors space is lighting. But, how do you pick the right
fixtures and designs to make your outdoor space both inviting and functional?
Here are eight tips to get your outdoor lighting right this spring:
1. Include three types of lighting – Just like an indoor space, a functioning outdoor
space should include three types of lighting: ambient (your primary light source),
accent (to highlight a particular architectural feature or piece of art) and task
lighting (reading lights, pathway lights, etc.).
2. Measure first – Estimate how much light you will need to illuminate your
outdoor space. Here’s a quick rule of thumb: multiply the square footage of the
area you want to light by 1.5 to estimate the total wattage you need for your
ambient light source.
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4. Think “right-sized” – Take measurements in advance so you can shop for fixtures
that fit physically, and visually, in your outdoor space. Try using a template to
visualize the size of your fixtures before you buy them.
5. Choose efficient fixtures – When choosing fixtures, choose models that sip
energy slowly for long nights of entertaining, such as LEDs and high efficiency
propane gas lamps (hey, we’ve got those!)
6. Look from all angles – Viewing your outdoor entertainment space from multiple
angles – especially from inside your home – can help you plan your outdoor
7. Keep it subtle – No one wants a spotlight on them when they’re trying to relax
for the evening; go for fixtures that bring a soft glow and ambiance to outdoor
entertainment space (propane torches are great for this). 7
8. Don’t forget security – Keep entry points to your home and outdoor space well
lit to discourage uninvited guests from visiting. Consider adding motion sensors
for an added layer of protection.
Matthew DeMaio 3/9/19 5:37 PM
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Matthew DeMaio 3/9/19 5:37 PM
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