tankless water heater

How does a tankless water heater work?

When most people think of a water heater, they think of an overgrown beer can sitting in the corner of the basement. But imagine if that water heater was the size of a small suitcase and could be mounted to the wall, saving space while producing hot water for as long as you needed it to?

That’s what you’ll get with tankless water heater. Here’s how it works:

  • When you need hot water, turn on the faucet just as you would with a conventional water heater.
  • When cold water runs through a pipe in the water heater, it activates a heating element, which is typically powered by propane.
  • The heating element instantly warms all the water you need, and only the water you need. In other words, the water won’t sit in a storage tank losing heat while it waits to be used.
  • The heating element will continue to warm the water until you close the hot water faucet, which also shuts the gas burner.

Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient for two reasons: first, they never have to reheat water (as a water heater with a tank does after its water has been sitting in a cold basement for a while). Tankless water heaters also use electronic ignitions rather than a constantly-running pilot light, which you will find on many of the less expensive conventional gas water heaters.

Of course, you pay for these benefits: the up-front cost of a tankless water heater will typically be at least double that of a conventional water heater. But up-front costs don’t tell the whole story! Tankless water heaters can cut energy consumption by 30 percent or more and will last almost twice as long as a conventional water heater (about 20 years on average, compared to 12 years for tanked systems).

When you consider the total cost of owning a tankless water heater, the argument for choosing one is pretty compelling – especially when you consider the unlimited hot water it provides.

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