propane tank refill

Spring: The perfect time for a propane tank refill

If you’re a seasoned Advanced Propane customer, you know that propane prices rise as demand increases – a problem that is particularly evident in the winter months.

But when it comes to unexpected pricing bumps, summer is no picnic either as people take to the road for vacation and camping, and to their back yards for outdoor cooking time on their propane grills.

The best time to fill your propane is during the “shoulder” seasons between these periods of peak demand – like right now, for instance!

Schedule your propane delivery today so you can:

  • Power your space heaters – Winter may be behind us, but cool spring mornings and evenings aren’t. Make sure you have enough fuel left in the tank to provide heat where and when you need it in your Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home.
  • Get trimming – More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of using propane-powered lawnmowers, which cost less to run, burn cleaner, and support our energy independence (since 90 percent of propane is produced in the U.S. – can’t say that for gasoline!).
  • Fire up the grill – Nothing says summer quite like an outdoor cookout on your propane grill. Ditch the charcoal and lighter fluid and upgrade to the convenient, precision power of propane – just make sure you start off the season with a full tank!
  • Take the edge off your outdoor space – A propane patio heater can help you enjoy your outdoor space even on those chilly spring and summer nights.
  • Get some peace of mind – A propane backup generator will keep your propane appliances working in the event of a power outage – but only if it has enough fuel to do its job!

Propane makes spring and summer better – fill your tank today! Contact us to schedule your next propane delivery, or to sign up for FREE automatic propane delivery from Advanced Propane!