New recipes to raise your grilling game

grill fire
It’s peak grilling season in Tennessee! But if you’re tired of cooking the usual burgers, hot dogs and chicken breasts on your propane grill, it’s time to shake up your grilling routine.

If you’re ready to upgrade your grill, Advanced Propane offers Broilmaster grills that can fit any taste or budget. Not only can we get you setup with the perfect grill to suit your style and budget, but we’ll make sure your propane tank is filled up and ready to roll from Day 1.

Now comes the fun part – let’s talk what you’re grilling! We’ll help you think beyond the same-old, same-old with fun and easy (and some healthy!) recipes for everything from breakfast to dinner to desserts that will bring back the thrill to your grill.

Breakfast on the grill? Sure!

You don’t have to hit the drive-thru for a breakfast sandwich. Grill up Rachael Ray’s egg, ham and cheese sandwich to start your day right. Bet you never thought of grilling grits. These grilled bacon and herb grits cakes let you do some of the work ahead of time and finish them on the grill.

Make weeknight dinners quick and delicious

Don’t wait for lukewarm delivered pizza when you can make piping-hot pizza faster on the grill! Buy fresh or par-cooked pizza dough at the grocery store, or use naan or flatbread to make it even easier. There’s even an easy gluten-free pizza crust. And you can have it your way with custom pies to make even the pickiest eaters happy.

You can even go meatless with spicy grilled cauliflower steaks or Portobello mushroom tacos.

Make some Tennessee classics

You don’t have to make a road trip for Memphis dry-rub ribs when you can make them on your own grill. Enjoy Tennessee catfish on the grill with cilantro-lime butter. Ever been to the Loveless Café? You can make their BBQ Bacon Burger right at home!

Don’t forget dessert!

Go beyond the s’mores and discover all the delectable possibilities that grilled fruit offers. Go simple by topping grilled fruit with whipped cream, ice cream or Greek yogurt and honey. Have some fun with grilled fruit kebabs. Grill pineapple rings and stack them with Nutella and macadamia nuts.

Ever have grilled watermelon? You can top it with smoked salt and jalapeno. Or salt, cayenne pepper and mint. Or lime and cilantro.

Grill slices of pound cake (store-bought or homemade) and top with fruit and whipped cream or ice cream for the perfect after-dinner treat!

Advanced Propane has the appliances and the propane to make your summer grilling something to cheer about. Contact us today to find out more about grilling with Advanced Propane!

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