Propane Backup Generators Help You Weather the Storm

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Have a Propane Generator Readiness Plan to Protect Your Family and Home

Whether it’s due to a summer thunderstorm or a winter ice storm, there is a good chance you’ll be dealing with a power outage at your East Tennessee home in due time – it’s just a product of nature!

A power outage can create all kinds of problems and expenses, not to mention safety risks, for your family – which is a good reason why you should consider adding a whole-house propane backup generator for your home.

Purposes Of A Propane Generator

A propane backup generator is a smart investment to make if:

  • Someone in your home relies on electricity for medical equipment like oxygen or home dialysis
  • You use a well for your home water supply, which means you need your filtration system and pumps to keep running so you have safe and fresh water
  • You work from home
  • You live in a remote area where it takes longer for power to be restored
  • Your basement has a sump pump to keep it dry
  • You keep a lot of perishable food in your home from gardening, hunting or meal prep
  • Some people just need enough power for lights and essential appliances like the refrigerator, while others have more extensive requirements. Whatever you need, the professionals at Advanced Propane can help you choose the right propane backup generator for your scenario.

    Be Ready for Bad Weather

    Once you have a whole-house propane backup generator, you need to make sure it’s ready to go when you need it at your East Tennessee home. We’ve got a whole-house backup generator readiness plan to guide you!

    Before a Storm:

    • Review your whole-house propane backup generator’s operating manual so you know what to do when an outage happens. And have a backup plan in case the generator does not start – which could mean having a stock of batteries, water, food, and other non-perishable essentials.
    • Follow manufacturer instructions for your whole-house propane backup generator and have an Advanced Propane technician provide service before both summer and winter storm seasons.
    • Run your whole-house backup generator once every three months (and make that once a month in the winter) to make sure everything is in working order. If a storm is in the forecast, run it ahead of the storm to make sure it’s working and check that you have enough propane gas to keep the generator running for several days.
    • …and if you don’t have enough, schedule a propane delivery from Advanced Propane immediately!

    During a Storm:

    • Keep a clear path to your whole-house backup generator and propane tank in case there are any operating problems.
    • Monitor and document how your propane backup generator is working, when and how long it runs, and any problems that need repair once the storm passes.

    Generator Care After The Storm

    • Review your whole-house backup generator readiness plan to see what worked, what didn’t, and what adjustments you need to make for the future.
    • Schedule maintenance with Advanced Propane’s service technicians to make sure your whole-house propane backup generator is ready for the next storm.
    • Check your propane tank levels and schedule a propane delivery if you need it.

    Contact Advanced Propane today if you are considering investing in a whole-house propane backup generator for your East Tennessee home this summer season!