Owning Or Leasing A Propane Tank

Leasing your propane tank from Advanced Propane helps you save!

own or lease propane tank tennesseeIf you’re buying a home with propane appliances, or building a home and want to use propane for heating, cooking and more, you’re going to need a propane tank.

Wherever you are in the Advanced Propane service area of Tennessee and Kentucky, we can help you with that.

Advanced Propane’s professionals have the knowledge and experience you can trust for selecting and installing the right propane tank for you. We discuss with you what appliances and equipment will be using propane, and use that knowledge to then determine what size tank you’ll need. For example, if you’re only using propane for a propane range and a propane fireplace, you’ll need a smaller tank than someone who uses propane for central or whole-house heating.

We offer a full range of propane tank sizes, from smaller tanks for a few propane appliances to larger tanks that can not only heat your home but power several propane appliances and heat your pool and spa. We will install your propane tank, whether the tank is being placed above ground or underground.

Owning vs. Leasing a Propane Tank

This is a decision you have to make when you are having a propane tank installed. You can own your propane tank, or you could lease your propane tank from Advanced Propane. While both options have advantages, one of them will make your life much easier.

Owning your propane tank gives you the freedom to choose your propane provider. But that option comes with responsibilities and costs. What kind of costs? Outside of the cost of purchasing the propane tank, costs include:

  • Installation of your propane tank, which can run between $700 and $3,000 (or more!) depending if it is above, or underground.
  • Maintaining your propane tank so that it works safely and properly is your responsibility, and you have to pay for a technician to do it, as these are not DIY jobs
  • Repair costs if something breaks or malfunctions on your propane tank

While the choice is ultimately up to you, you’re able to avoid all that expense and hassle by simply leasing your propane tank with Advanced Propane!

When you lease your propane tank with us, we are responsible for the safe installation of your propane tank, as well as proper maintenance and repairs, as well as all the costs that go with those, and we have the experienced and knowledgeable technicians for the job.

Whether you choose to lease or own your propane tank, Advanced Propane can provide safe and reliable propane delivery.

Want to learn more about leasing a propane tank with Advanced Propane? Contact us today!

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