Why Is My Propane Tank Hissing?

The cause of the hissing may not be what you think

propane tank troubleshooting tennesseeHave you ever heard a hissing sound coming from your propane tank?

Firstly, no, a snake has not set up residence in your propane tank.

Second, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that your propane tank has a propane leak… that is, unless, you also smell the rotten egg odor that is the dead giveaway of a propane gas leak. If you do, follow propane safety best practices right away!

Other possible reasons for the hissing from your propane tank

A propane gas leak may not be to blame for the hissing sound. Other issues may be the cause. Here are two:

An open bleeder valve. A bleeder valve may also be called a liquid level gauge. It’s a small device that allows your propane delivery technician to accurately check how much propane is in your tank. Should the bleeder valve not be closed tightly, a hissing sound can be heard. If this is what’s going on, the solution is easy. Just turn the bleeder valve clockwise and the flow of gas, and sound, will be stopped.

An open relief valve. This is a pressure release valve. It’s a required feature on every propane tank and cylinder. Why is it required? Because propane expands in the heat. Think about a hot summer day in Tennessee. On a day like that, you might discover that the relief valve is open. And that’s great! It’s doing what it’s supposed to do, which is slowly release the pressure that the propane builds up as it expands. You can help relieve some of the pressure inside your propane tank by spraying the tank surface with cool water from a garden hose. Important safety tip: NEVER try to close, look into or tap an open propane tank relief valve!

If the hissing noise persists, it may in fact be a propane leak. Contact Advanced Propane immediately so we can make a service call.

Even if the source of the hissing from your propane tank is not a propane gas leak, you need to know what to do if you ever are in that situation. Study up on propane safety and how to use your nose, eyes and ears to protect your family and property.

Advanced Propane leases and installs both above-ground and underground propane tanks. If you’re looking for a new propane tank, get in touch with us this season!