Getting The Most From Your Propane Furnace

We’ll show you how you can stay warm and comfortable all winter long

propane furnace tennesseeThere’s so much to do this time of year as the holiday season begins. Planning. Baking. Having people over. Wrapping presents. Cooking big holiday feasts. Bingeing on Hallmark Christmas movies. And in-between are all the moments that become memories to last a lifetime.

One memory you don’t want is the high cost of a winter heating bill in your Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home. If you have a propane furnace, we have some tips so you can maximize efficiency, without sacrificing the cozy warmth you want in the winter.

Get a furnace tune-up.

Annual maintenance helps your propane furnace run at peak efficiency, which helps you save money. A service technician can also spot problems before they become bigger ones that make your furnace less efficient and quite possibly cause a breakdown.

Change the air filter regularly.

A dirty air filter makes your propane furnace work harder, driving up your energy costs. It can also let dust and dirt into the furnace, which can damage parts, and the longevity of your system. You should go no more than three months before changing your filter, and should do it about once a month is you have pets that shed or if someone in your home has respiratory problems.

Block drafts.

Drafts that bring cold air in and suck warm air out can raise your energy costs by around 15 percent. Use caulk and weatherstripping to close drafts and use draft stoppers at the bottom of doors. Also look into whether or not you need to add insulation.

Use your programmable thermostat.

You can program your thermostat so that it’s at a lower temperature when you’re away from home, whether it’s just for the day or for several days, which means you’re not wasting propane heating an empty house. It can also be set to warm up the house before you get home so you’re not tempted to crank the heat way up and make your propane furnace work harder to get the house warm faster.

Consider upgrading your propane furnace.

If your propane furnace is 10 years old, its efficiency can be down around 55 percent. That means 45 cents out of every dollar you spend on propane isn’t going towards heat and comfort. But today’s high-efficiency propane furnaces can achieve efficiencies into the mid-90% range! With that level of efficiency, you can recoup your investment in only a few short years.

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