Getting The Most Out Of A Propane Clothes Dryer

laundry propane

Make laundry day that much easier!

You probably know about how propane can warm your Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home, cook your food, run your grill and provide hot water. But, did you know it can dry your clothes, too?

Propane clothes dryers offer some big advantages over their electric counterparts. They dry clothes faster, create less static cling, cost less to operate and provide a moister heat that keeps your clothes, towels and sheets looking better, for longer. And propane dryers produce fewer wrinkles. That’s right – Less ironing for everyone!

If you have a propane clothes dryer, you may already know of those benefits. But, we’ve also got some tips to help you maximize performance and efficiency.

How to maximize your clothes dryer’s performance and efficiency

  1. Use your washing machine smartly. When washing your laundry, use the fastest spin cycle. A load of clothes can bring a half-gallon of water into the dryer. By using the fastest spin cycle, more water will be extracted from your laundry. That means your laundry will dry faster, saving your time, energy and ultimately, money!
  2. Clean your lint filter after each load. Taking a few moments now will help later, as a clogged lint filter can extend drying time by up to 30 percent.
  3. Lighten the load. Air has to be able to circulate between clothes for faster, better drying. It’s more efficient to break a big load into two smaller loads.
  4. Toss in a dry towel. This will pull moisture from your wet laundry and can save you several minutes in drying time.
  5. Start light. Dry your lighter weight items before heavier ones. The residual heat from the first load will help those heavier items dry faster.
  6. Keep an eye on your dryer vents. If your dryer vents outside, clean it regularly. Blocked vents and ducts mean less efficient drying.
  7. Use the permanent press cycle. This cycle uses medium heat and has a cool-down period at the end. It’s a proven energy saver. Just make sure not to pack the laundry in tightly so the air can circulate efficiently.
  8. Don’t wait for the ding. If you take your laundry out of the dryer 10 minutes before the drying cycle is done, you can avoid ironing clothes like dress shirts, blouses, pants, skirts and school uniforms. Quickly shake each item and hang them up, pressing them with your hands.

Like the idea of more efficient drying with less labor? Contact Advanced Propane for safe and reliable propane delivery to fuel your home, and new propane clothes dryer, today.