Propane Cooking: Getting The Most From Your Range

Elevate your cooking game all year ‘round!

propane cooking tennesseeThere are reasons chefs prefer cooking with gas over electricity. One is the precise and instantaneous temperature control it offers. That control means better cooking and baking results, and tastier food!

If you have a propane cooking range, you can enjoy all those benefits, as well as save as much as 50 percent on energy costs from using it as opposed to an electric cooking range. But there are ways you can maximize your propane range’s performance with minimal effort. We’ve put together some for you.

5 ways to maximize your gas range performance:

  1. Keep an eye on the color of the flame. Propane flames should be bright blue. If you’re getting yellow or orange flames from your propane range, that likely means there’s a leak in the system. It will need to be serviced.
  2. Clean your oven window. When the oven window is clean, you won’t have to waste heat opening the oven to check on your cookies or roast. A simple, yet often overlooked feature!
  3. Inspect the seals on the oven door. If there are gaps or tears on the seal, heat can escape from your oven. That means it is wasting propane, the oven is losing heat, and your baking or roasting might inadvertently be affected, too.
  4. Use the correct burner. Don’t put a small pan on a big burner. You can waste up to 40 percent of the heat coming from the burner by doing that. Use small pots on small burners, large pots on large burners.
  5. Dial it down. Because today’s cookware is so much better at retaining heat, you may not need to set the burner as high as you think.
  6. Be smart when using your oven. Using all your oven space at once isn’t just for Thanksgiving. If you can cook multiple dishes at one time, it’s not only more efficient in terms of energy, but you’ll have to do less cooking the next day or so because you’ll have leftovers! Also, glass and ceramic baking dishes are best at distributing heat, so you don’t need as high a temperature.

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