4 New Years Resolutions For Your Home

Start 2020 Off Right!

new years home tennesseeThere are a lot of New Year’s resolutions this time of year, from joining a gym to getting organized. Why not do one that can enhance the quality of life in your Tennessee or Southern Kentucky home and save you some money to boot?

We have four ideas that you can implement and create a resolution you keep.

Resolutions For Improving A Home:

  1. Enroll in Keep Filled automatic propane delivery. This is a suggestion that actually saves you work AND worry in the long run. Our computer systems track your estimated propane usage depending on the weather, combined with your home specs. That means we schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. No more having to remember to check your propane tank gauge levels, or even to call us for a delivery. Best yet, no more worry about run-outs!
  2. Put safety first. Do you have carbon monoxide detectors installed on every level of your home, and outside all of the bedrooms? If you don’t, this is a must-do job! Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and can be dangerous for you and your family. Test your CO detectors and replace the batteries regularly. If your CO detectors are more the five years old, they need to be replaced. This is also a good time to review propane safety procedures and make sure everyone in your family is informed about them.
  3. Invest in upgrades. If your home’s heating, cooling or water heating equipment is getting less efficient and is needing repairs more often, it’s time to plan for replacing them. Or if you’re wanting to add propane appliances like a space heater or fireplace, or step up your backyard cookout game with a new propane BBQ grill, get in touch with Advanced Propane. We can help with all of this!
  4. Make managing your propane costs easy. Our Budget Billing plan spreads your annual propane costs into 12 set payments. That allows you to better plan your monthly budget and avoid surprises. You know what else you’ll avoid? Larger propane bills during and right after the holiday season, and enrollment is FREE!

Make 2020 the year you invest in your family’s home comfort and safety. Contact Advanced Propane today and we’ll help get your new year started off right.