Why You Should Fuel Your Home With Propane

Propane Offers Several Benefits

why choose propaneIf all you know about propane is how great it is in your BBQ grill, you’re about to learn a lot more.

There are many reasons that propane is used in more than 14 million homes across the United States, and we’re here to tell you four main reasons why, so you’ll see why you should use propane from Advanced Propane in your home here in Tennessee and southern Kentucky.

Propane is versatile

Look beyond the BBQ grill and you’ll see all of the ways propane makes life in your home better. Propane can fuel: your home’s heating system, water heater, cooking range and ovens, clothes dryer, space heater, fireplace and freestanding stove, patio or deck heater, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, pool or spa heater, backup generator and more!

Propane is efficient

Propane offers outstanding energy efficiency when compared with other fuel sources. For example, propane water heaters can produce twice as much hot water as electric water heaters in the same amount of time. Propane clothes dryers are nearly 50 percent more efficient than electric clothes dryers and also dry your laundry faster, with less wear and fewer wrinkles. Look into our supply of propane appliances to see what we can add to your home!

Propane is reliable

When you use propane to fuel your home, your fuel supply is right there at your home in your propane tank (which, by the way, Advanced Propane installs, too). You’ll still have heat and hot water, still be able to cook, and more, because you’re no longer dependent on an electrical grid or a utility’s gas lines. You can add to that reliability by using a propane whole-house backup generator to protect your home and family when the power goes out. Propane doesn’t go bad, so no matter when you need a generator, propane will make sure the lights will be on, the refrigerator will be running and the phones will be charged. Want more reliability? Sign up for Advanced Propane’s Keep Filled automatic propane delivery so you’ll never have to worry about running low on (or running out of) propane again!

Propane is environmentally friendly

Did you know that propane is named as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy? Propane burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel, and produces much fewer emissions. And unlike gasoline or diesel, propane will not harm the environment in the rare event of a leak. It dissipates into the air with no harm to the air, water, soil, plant life or aquatic life.

Advanced Propane gives you dependable and safe propane delivery, as well as expert propane services such as propane tank and propane appliance installation. Become a customer today and experience the difference.