agriculture propane tennessee kentuckyMore than half of American farmers work more than 10 hours a day. It’s no surprise, considering the large and varied workload, which can include, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Tending, harvesting and storing crops
  • Tending livestock
  • Maintaining farm equipment and buildings

We see how hard farmers work in our service area of Tennessee and southern Kentucky. It’s why we offer propane delivery and services to make your work a bit easier!

What does propane do for farms?

A whole lot – more than you may realize! Here’s are some key ways propane works for your agriculture business:

Irrigation systems. Propane-powered irrigation equipment lets you keep your fields watered more efficiently while creating fewer emissions in the process.

Farm vehicles. Propane can also power trucks, tractors, forklifts and more. Because it burns cleanly, propane-powered vehicles need less maintenance and last longer.

Weed control. End the use of herbicides with propane flame weed control. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than chemical herbicides, flame weed control lets you get back in your fields faster.

Building heating. You likely have several buildings on your farm such as barns, greenhouses, chicken houses, and storage silos to name a few. Propane can provide whole-structure as well as space heating independent of any utility grid.

Backup power. Propane backup generators make sure your buildings have the power they need for lights and other equipment. And, since propane doesn’t degrade over time like gasoline or diesel, you know your generator will work when you need it.

Grain drying. Because propane can burn at a higher temperature, it’s more efficient at removing moisture from stored grain, protecting your investment.

Propane also helps protect the air, water and soil that your crops and livestock depend on. Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane doesn’t harm the air, water, aquatic life, plant life, or soil in the rare event of a leak. And it produces much fewer greenhouse gas emissions, so both people and animals on your farm can breathe easier!

Don’t forget, propane works for the farmhouse as well as the farm. Propane keeps your home warm, your water hot, and can run propane appliances like ranges, clothes dryers, whole-house backup generators, and space heaters with maximum efficiency.

Contact us to learn about how Advanced Propane can work for your agriculture business, today.