Replace Your Propane Tank: Spring Is The Best Time!

Make The Hassle-free Switch To Advanced Propane For Your Propane Tank Service

replace your propane tank tennesseeThere are many reasons you may be looking for a new propane tank, and no matter your reason, you can count on Advanced Propane to get you set up with the right size propane tank. Constructed to last for decades, our underground and aboveground propane storage tanks are made of heavy-gauge steel with a special coating to prevent corrosion.

We install both underground and aboveground propane tanks in a wide range of sizes all over our service area of Tennessee and southern Kentucky.

And right now, spring is the ideal time to have your propane tank installed.


When you own your propane tank, you have to pay a lot up-front for both the tank itself, and the installation on top of that. New propane tanks can cost $3,000 or more, depending on the size! And your hassle and expense aren’t done there, as you are responsible for all maintenance, repairs and safety protocols, plus all of the costs that go with that.

When you lease your propane tank from Advanced Propane, we handle the maintenance, repairs and safety so you have peace of mind that your propane tank is in good hands.


This is where the experience and expertise of Advanced Propane’s propane tank professionals come in handy. We’ll talk it over with you, finding out about your home’s size, how many propane appliances you use and what you use propane for, and whether you plan to add onto your home or add propane appliances in the future. We’ll also factor in your prior annual usage. That information will help us make sure you have the right size propane tank for your home.

Here’s a quick guide to propane tank sizes so you have an idea of what you may need:

120-gallon propane tank: For homes using propane in one or two appliances, such as a range, fireplace or clothes dryer.

250-gallon propane tank: Not large enough for whole-house heating, is size needed for three or more propane appliances such as water heaters and wall or space heaters.

325- and 500-gallon propane tanks: For whole-house heating as well as other propane appliances.

1,000-gallon (or larger) propane tank: Mostly used in commercial and industrial applications, but also used at large homes that use propane for heating, and several other uses like pool and spa heating.

Contact us to find out more about our propane tank services, and how you can make the hassle-free switch to Tennessee’s #1 propane provider, today!