How Does Propane Benefit Your Home?

Comfort, efficiency and versatility: What’s not to love?

home benefits of propane tennesseeAre you building a new home? Or maybe you’re renovating your current one. Either way, you should take a closer look at adding propane to your home!

More and more homeowners here in Tennessee and southern Kentucky are converting their homes to propane. Why? Because the love the versatility, energy-efficiency, and comfort propane brings that other fuels don’t.

Advanced Propane makes it easy for you to enjoy all those benefits in your home with our safe, reliable propane delivery, propane tank installation and service, and propane appliances!

Propane does more than just keep your home warm

When it comes to home heating and water heating, propane has electricity beat by a mile! Propane is more efficient and lowers your home heating costs. It also heats more water faster, and for 30% less cost than electricity!

But that’s just the beginning of how propane is great for your home, both indoors and out.

Propane ranges, cooktops, and ovens offer instant, precise temperature control that raises your cooking game in a way no electric stove can. A propane clothes dryer gets your laundry dry faster and with fewer wrinkles. Who wouldn’t like less ironing? You can use propane space heaters to make spaces like your sunporch, garage, and shed comfortable and usable year-round.

Head outside, and you know how great using a propane BBQ grill is. It’s faster and easier than charcoal, and you get great results with no messy ashes to clean up afterwards.
But there’s even more that propane can do outdoors: It can heat your pool or spa, provide cozy gathering spots with propane fireplace and firepits, let you enjoy your back yard longer with patio and deck heaters, create a great atmosphere with outdoor gaslighting, and keep the bugs away with insect traps.

You can have all of this no matter where you live, because with propane, you aren’t dependent on having natural gas lines in your neighborhood. So even if you live way out in the country, you can enjoy the benefits propane provides. And, because your propane is stored right on your property, you always have it and don’t have to worry about a utility’s gas mains.

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