Propane: Giving Landscapers A Competitive Edge

Go green, save some green, and earn more green!

propane landscaper tennesseeDo you own a landscaping business? If you do, you know how competitive it can be here in Tennessee and southern Kentucky. But, there’s a way you can gain an advantage over your competitors: Invest in converting your gasoline-powered lawn maintenance equipment to propane gas!

Propane is an ideal fuel for your landscaping business. Its versatility means it will power your trucks, mowers, trimmers, and other equipment while outperforming gasoline in almost every way. And that’s just the beginning of what propane can do for you. Read on to discover all the ways propane and your landscaping business go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Propane is good for your bottom line

Firstly, propane generally, even during peak seasons, costs less per gallon than gasoline. Also, the government does not tax propane so you save even more.

Refueling a propane mower or other kind of equipment is also easy, clean, and safe. Just take off the empty tank, replace it with a fresh one, and your employees are back at work in a few minutes. That’s much faster than having to go look for a gas pump or a gas can. And unlike gasoline or diesel, propane doesn’t have spills that cost time and money to clean up.

Propane is clean-burning and has a higher-octane rating than gasoline, both of which save you money as well. How so? Your landscaping equipment will command fewer oil changes and less overall maintenance. That helps give your equipment a longer shelf life, saving you from having to continually reinvest money into new equipment. Lessening the need for maintenance means you stay out in the field doing the work that brings in the income.

Attract customers with propane’s eco-friendliness

More of your customers (and potential customers) want services that are better for the environment. It’s the lay of the land in 2020. Because you can use propane, you’ll be able to promote your cleaner, greener business and have a leg up on the competition!

Propane has up to 60 percent fewer carbon emissions than other fuels. Not only is that better for our air quality, and the air your employees are breathing, it gives you an advantage when you bid on jobs with environment-conscious customers. Propane also does not harm air, water, or soil if it leaks. That will never be true of gasoline or diesel!

Ready to make the move to propane for your landscaping business? Contact us today and let Advanced Propane be a business partner you can rely on for seasons to come.