Backhoe Service For Underground Propane Tank Installation

Advanced Propane can handle every phase of installation!

underground propane tank installation tennesseeHaving propane is great, whether for home heating, or individual appliances in your home—as many of your neighbors here in Tennessee and southern Kentucky already know.

However, when you have propane in your home that also means you have a propane tank outside it. Some people don’t like that, especially when the propane tank itself is of larger size.

A lot of folks aren’t crazy about the aesthetics, either: Propane tanks are a light color, which makes them stand out. But you cannot paint your propane tank a darker color to try and blend in with your home and landscaping. The light color is chosen to reflect heat from the sun away from the propane in the tank. A darker color would absorb that heat, causing the propane in the tank to expand to potentially dangerous levels.

If you feel your propane tank sticks out in your yard like a sore thumb, have no fear—there’s an alternative to grinning and bearing it. You can have your propane tank buried underground! And Advanced Propane can handle every step of that process, including using a backhoe to excavate a space for your tank.

Benefits of underground propane tanks

Looks are a big reason people choose to bury their propane tank underground. They no longer have a big tank getting in the way of curb appeal, nor in the way of their backyard oasis.

Safety is another reason. Underground tanks are protected from the wear and tear caused by the elements. And, in the rare event of a propane leak, it would remain underground with no harm the soil or water.

Underground propane tank installation made easy

With our backhoe services, we’ll can safety and easily install your underground propane tank.

  1. First, we excavate a hole for your propane tank to be placed within
  2. Next, we’ll run all applicable piping and connections directly to your residence
  3. Finally, we’ll backfill and level the space we dug up, leaving between 2 and 4 inches of the propane tank dome above ground so our propane delivery drivers can easily fill your tank year-round.

That’s it!
We both sell and lease propane tanks we install. Which route should you choose? That’s ultimately up to you, but many of our customers express how easy and cost-efficient leasing is: Little up-front cost, and no worries about being responsible for maintenance and repair. We take care of all of that!

Trust Advanced Propane with installing your new propane tank—and filling it up for years to come! Contact us today to get started.