Cooking With A Propane Stove: The Benefits

Enjoy Better Control — And Better Results!

gas range benefits tennesseePeek into any restaurant kitchen and check out the stove. Dollars to doughnuts, it’s a gas stove in there! And there are quite a few reasons as to why that’s the case… we’ll get to that in just a moment.

By investing in a gas stove for your home, you too can enjoy restaurant-quality cooking like that of both local, and even big-name chefs!

To start, what’s great about a propane stove is that you can enjoy cooking with gas no matter where you live—it’s not just some specialty appliance for city folks! You’re not dependent on being in a community with a natural gas utility connection. And with reliable propane delivery services available, like that from Advanced Propane, you can always be sure your stove will have propane it needs to cook everything from a simple breakfast, to Thanksgiving dinner.

Cook Better, Eat Better With Propane!

When it comes to cooking, propane has electricity beat by a mile!

The biggest difference is how you get much more precise control of the stove’s heating than you do with an electric stove:

  • A propane stove lets you adjust heat levels instantly. Electric stoves take much longer for the burners to heat up, and conversely, cool down. That difference in time can turn that moist pork chop into shoe leather.
  • Your adjustments on a propane stove are also much more precise. Want something between medium-low and medium? Propane can do that! Electric stoves have set levels. And that’s all you get to choose from—no in-between.
  • Propane cooktop burners also help to distribute heat more evenly than electric stoves. When you’re making something delicate like fish or sauces, no hot spots mean less chance of burning.

Some propane stoves come with a long center burner that accommodates griddles or grill pans and heats them evenly. Whether it’s weekend pancakes or weeknight grilled chicken breasts, that center burner comes in handy.

Today’s propane stoves also come with features such as sealed burners, which make cleaning them easier, and convection ovens for faster, more even baking and roasting.

A propane oven preheats faster than an electric one. And because propane ovens have a moister heat than electric ovens, they can help prevent your holiday roasts and weeknight sheet pan suppers from drying out.

Enjoy Efficiency And Energy Savings Too!

On average, propane stoves can cost around 30% less to operate than comparable electric stoves. Some of those savings comes from faster preheating of the oven and quicker stovetop heating. Pilotless ignitions on propane stoves mean you’re using less propane, further increasing your energy savings. 

Advanced Propane takes the hassle out of gas connections for your appliances; let us install your gas lines safely and professionally, for your propane cooking stoves, propane clothes dryers, propane refrigerators or propane generators!

And if you’d like to add more propane appliances to your home or business, contact us today or call our office—we have great selection of appliances readily available for every space in your home.