Investing In Cleaner, Green Fuel For Your Agricultural Business

propane for agriculture tennessee

Farming is a demanding business, from often working more than 10 hours a day to meeting the needs of livestock and/or poultry, tending your crops and maintaining your barns and outbuildings.

And one of the biggest challenges can be managing costs—while making a profit.

Advanced Propane is here to help with exactly that. We provide agricultural propane services to farms all over our service area in Tennessee and southern Kentucky. Propane’s efficiency and clean burning make it a cost-effective energy choice for your farm, which helps improve your bottom line. Here are just some of the way’s propane can help your farm prosper:

Heating Your Farm Buildings

Propane is the most energy efficient fuel to keep your barns, greenhouses, poultry houses, and other buildings warm so your animals and crop are safely warm.

Fueling Farm Equipment

Propane can run all sorts of equipment around your farm, from irrigation equipment to commercial mowers.

Propane forklifts are more powerful than electric forklifts, can work in wet conditions that electric forklifts cannot—and can also be refueled in minutes rather than needing to be recharged for up to eight hours like electric forklifts.

And because propane burns so cleanly, you and your workers aren’t breathing in exhaust fumes as with diesel or gasoline. You can also utilize propane Autogas for vehicles like trucks and vans.

Propane For Backup Power

If the power goes out at your farm, you, your family, your greenhouses, and your animals could be without heat or light for hours if not days.

Propane generators keep the power on for your house, barns, poultry houses, greenhouses, other outbuildings and refrigeration units as well.

Crop Drying With Propane

Today’s propane crop dryers have greatly increased energy efficiency, using about half the propane as compared with older crops dryers. Using less propane means you’re spending less to dry your crops.
Propane also has a higher BTU than natural gas, so crop drying is more efficient. And because you’re drying on-site, you get a better yield with less risk of loss than if you leave it in the field to take elsewhere for drying. Paying someone else for crop drying is an expense you won’t have with propane crop drying!

Propane Weed Control

If weeds get out of control in your fields, you lose crops. But using herbicides is bad for your health and the health of your workers—and bad for the overall health of the environment.

Herbicides also aren’t cost-effective, between the cost of the chemicals and losing time before you and your workers can go back to the fields. But with propane-powered flame weed control, you get the job done faster and more efficiently, so you’re back to work faster without being exposed to harsh chemicals.

And did you know? The Propane Farm Incentive Program currently offers up to $5,000 toward eligible propane agricultural equipment. From heating for your facilities with underground or above-ground tanks, to powering your generators, Advanced Propane will keep your enterprise growing! Contact us today to learn more!