Homebuyers and Contractors: Feel the Power of Propane

Propane powers sought-after features, increases efficiency, and so much more!

propane installation tennesseeWhen shopping for a home—or choosing to renovate or build one—there are a litany of choices to consider. Utility costs, efficiency and safety are among key selling points, especially for young buyers when shopping for their first home, or those with tight budgets in an ultra-competitive housing market.

The larger, growing trend with homeowners across the US is the decision to heat their homes with propane gas, and general contractors have also discovered the myriad benefits of constructing a propane-fueled home. We want to make sure you’re familiar with why this is the case and will explore those propane perks below!

Improving Your Bottom Line

The biggest perk of propane’s rising appeal is that you’ll save more on your monthly bills than if you were using electric or oil heating. According to a 2017 study, homes that used propane spent 49% to 67% less than oil users and 156% to 204% less than electricity users. Propane appliances are much more efficient given their advanced, modern technology, which helps to cut costs versus their older, late 90’s counterparts. They boast a longer lifespan and costs less to repair over their shelf lives, too.

Greener and Cleaner

Help the environment the best way you can by reducing your carbon footprint with propane. It burns cleaner than most other fossil fuels! Its low carbon content means that it releases fewer emissions and it’s listed as a clean-fuel source in the 1990 Clean Air Act as well as the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Versatility Sells

Propane can power everything from water heaters, generators to stoves, and cooktops to fireplaces, clothes dryers, outdoor grills, and space heaters. With that kind of versatility, there’s nearly nothing propane can’t do to improve the day-to-day comfort in your home! What’s more? The experts at third-generation family-owned Advanced Propane have the skills and outstanding customer service to cover all your needs.

Homebuilders Ride the Wave

A cutting-edge model called the Propane Energy Pod for new-home construction joins five applications of propane into an integrated whole- house energy package.

The pod allows builders to provide buyers with a comfortable, enjoyable home, with gas for cooking, clothes drying and fireplaces, unlimited hot water, and ultra-efficient space heating.

Some builders even add propane outdoor appliances themselves. As a bonus, builder rebates of up to $7,500 per year are available through the Propane Education & Research Council!

Contact us today to learn more about our propane services! Advanced Propane has been locally owned and operated since 1992, serving Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky homes and businesses!