How to Save On Heating Bills This Winter

Follow These Easy Tips to Keep a Few Extra Dollars in Your Wallet

home energy tips tennesseeIf you use propane to heat your home, you already have a distinct advantage over homes that are heated by electricity. Propane is a far more efficient—and hotter burning—alternative to electricity. As a result, you’ll use less of it to heat your home, which may save you money on energy bills.

Because propane isn’t fully reliant on the local electric grid to keep your house warm, it will be far less affected during an untimely power outage, whereas if you heat your home with electricity and the electricity goes out during a snow or ice storm, your home will not be heated. Propane systems—whose supply is stored right on your property—will not leave you in the cold and will operate with little to no interruption.

Want to make the most of propane’s efficiency so you’re spending less on heating costs this winter? Check out these tips below:

Check and Change the Air Filter

If you have a furnace, the air filter should be checked at least once a month and changed nearly as often. If you own pets or if someone in your home suffers from any respiratory condition, you must check it even more frequently.

A clean filter not only keeps your heating system more efficient by preventing over-working, but it also allows the air in your home to stay cleaner, so you won’t need to use extra air filters to help circulation.

Don’t Block the Heat

Look around your house: Is there furniture, drapes, or anything else that is obstructing the air from your vents? To allow heated air to freely circulate, keep a clear area around it. This helps to minimize the number of times your heating system cycles on and off.

Get Rid of Troublesome Drafts

Drafts around windows, doors, and exterior walls can all contribute to heat loss that can equal leaving a window open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! However, caulking, weatherstripping, expanding foam, and other products may help you save money on your heating bills by keeping the heat inside where it belongs.

Doing this can cut your heating costs by up to 10%.

Turn Down Your Water Heater Temperature

You may be thinking, “What?! It’s winter! I want hot water!” Don’t worry!

By turning your water heater thermostat from the factory preset temperature of 140˚ down to 120 ˚, your water will still be nice and hot—and you’ll save some money without sacrificing one bit of comfort. Also, scalding risk is greatly reduced.

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