Propane: Cleaner & Greener Than Electric Power

Don’t Buy Into all the “Electrification” Hype!

green energy tennesseeThere are several sources out there nowadays that may have you believing that electricity is “cleaner” fuel source than liquid fuels such as propane. But this argument isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In the United States, coal-powered power plants generate around half of all electricity produced. Those plants generate greenhouse gases, creating problematic results such as acid rain and exacerbating climate change.

Propane on the other hand, is so clean burning it produces close to zero greenhouse gas emissions!

The transmission of energy itself is very inefficient. When electricity travels from the power plant to your home via the electrical lines, resistance in the power lines causes energy to be lost. In fact, it takes three units of source energy to delivering one unit of electricity into your home. To supply power to our homes, additional coal must be burned, further producing more carbon.

Propane gas is stored in a tank right at your place of residence or business and there’s almost zero energy loss from the tank to your appliances since it’s right on site.

Propane Provides Increased Efficiency

Using propane in and around your home to power appliances rather than relying on electricity is also a more energy-efficient move, reducing your environmental impact even further. Propane water heaters—such as tankless models from Nortiz—heat more water, faster, than their electric counterparts… and do it with nearly a 30% lesser total cost. Propane clothes dryers get your laundry dry about 25% faster than comparable electric dryers, too.

Renewable Propane for a Greener Future

The next stage in the transition to a zero-carbon future is renewable propane. This fuel is chemically identical to propane; however, it is produced from renewable resources such as animal fats, plant oils, biomass, and other triglycerides.

More individuals in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky will be able to utilize renewable propane as the sector develops, allowing them to make their homes even more environmentally friendly!

Get clean-burning propane in your home with dependable delivery and service from Advanced Propane. Become a customer today and experience the difference we can make in your home or at your place of business.