How To Turn off a Propane Tank in an Emergency

Know How to Perform This Important Propane Safety Task

gas tank shut off tennesseeIf you use propane in your home, it’s critical to know all about propane safety and best practices.

Propane has a strong safety record thanks to high industry standards as well as strong government regulations. But like any other utility, understanding how to protect your home and loved ones is essential.

There are several ways you can do this. One, for instance, is installing propane leak detectors in your home near propane appliances like your heating system, water heater, and range. However, there are countless other steps that can be taken.

What Should You Do If You Smell Gas in the House?

The first, and most important, thing to do is to not panic. That’s why we’re giving you these directions! Knowing what to do makes it easier to stay calm and focus on safety.

  • When you detect the rotten-egg odor of propane gas, immediately extinguish any sources of ignition like candles or cigarettes.
  • Get everyone, including pets, out of the house IMMEDIATELY.
  • On your way out, do not use light switches, phones, thermostats, or any appliances that may generate a spark or flame.
  • Can you safely get to the propane tank? If so, turn off the supply valve. It’s located under the lid of your propane tank. First, lift the lid on the top of the tank. Remember the old phrase “lefty loosey, righty tighty” and turn the main valve to the right (clockwise) to shut off the supply from the tank to the house.
  • Once you are a safe distance away, call 911 and Advanced Propane.
  • Your next task is to stay away while the first responders and service technicians do their jobs. Give them the time they need to check for escaped propane gas and do any repairs. Even if you no longer smell gas, don’t go back to the house until you get the all-clear from emergency personnel and the service technician.
  • Once you’ve turned off the flow of gas to the tank, leave the propane supply valve alone. A professional service technician is the one to turn the propane supply to the house back on. They must also finish any repairs needed and relight the pilots on all your propane appliances.

Do you have questions about propane safety? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help whenever and wherever we can.