Looking to Install Propane Appliances in Your Home?

Whether You’re Adding an Appliance or Converting to Propane, We Can Help!

propane servicesAs you’re driving through Central Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, you’re likely seeing that more and more homes utilize propane. You may even have friends or close family that use propane in their homes or have told you about its benefits such as security and energy efficiency.

So, if you’re looking to convert your home to propane power, or want to add propane appliances of your own, Advanced Propane is your one-stop-shop! Our team of expert service technicians are all certified to install any type of gas piping at your home—either indoors or outside—and will meet all state and local codes.

That includes running gas lines from your propane tank to your home or to outdoor appliances like a propane gas grill, fire pit, or pool heater. Inside your home, we can run the gas lines to your propane appliances such as a stove, cooktop, water heater, or dryer.

Appliance Sales & Installation Near You

If you already have propane systems in your home, you may be looking to upgrade from your old propane appliances or even add in some new ones.

Whatever you’re shopping for, Advanced Propane can meet your needs! We sell, install, and service several top-quality propane appliances. Here are just some propane appliances you can get from us:

Propane water heaters. With propane, you get dramatically better and more efficient water heating than you do with electricity. We offer conventional tank storage water heaters from Rheem and Lochinvar, as well as Noritz tankless water heaters that can cut your water heating energy costs by up to 40%!

Propane gas logs. Get a comfortable fire in your fireplace with the push of a button—all without the work and hassle of a wood-burning fireplace—with propane gas logs. Our selection of gas logs from top makers such as Empire and RH Peterson are of outstanding quality, look like real wood, and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Whole-house backup generators. Keep your home safe and comfortable when the power goes out. A propane whole-house backup generator lets you have lighting, keeps your food in the refrigerator and freezer safely cold, charges your electronics, and powers medical equipment such as CPAPs and electric wheelchairs.

Space heating. If you have areas in your home that are unheated, like a garage, finished sunporch, shed, or workshop, a propane space heater provides efficient heating that creates a comfortable, usable space.

Enjoy all the benefits of propane appliances have to offer with expert installation and service technicians at Advanced Propane. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!