Is A Heating Tune-up on Your Spring To-Do List?

Hint: It’s the Best Time of the Year to Schedule Service!

propane heating service nashville, tn As winter winds down here in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, we are looking forward to the time when we can turn off our home’s heating system.

But before that day comes, this is an optimal time to have your propane heating system get its annual tune-up.

Initially, that may seem like a head-scratcher to you. “Why would I need a tune-up now that winter is ending?” you wonder. There are multiple reasons why having your HVAC tune-up in the spring season makes a lot of sense.

We’ll explain:

What are the Advantages of Spring Season Heating System Tune-Up?

This time of year is referred to by the HVAC industry as the “shoulder season”. The name is due to a decrease in calls for furnace or boiler repairs while air conditioning season has not yet started.

Because of that, many service departments have more openings and offer flexible scheduling options so that your heating system tune-up can be completed at a time most suitable for you. Plus, if anything arises during the inspection process, it’ll likely be taken care of quickly, too!

Another advantage of an HVAC tune-up in the spring is that you won’t have to worry about getting it done in the fall when everyone else will be trying to schedule theirs. Further, early cold snaps may catch you by surprise during September or October; maintaining your boiler or furnace today ensures that it will be in good working order whenever you need it.

Why Are Heating System Tune-Ups Important?

Frequent, professional maintenance of your heating system offers you many advantages. Here are just a few:

  • They prevent heating system breakdowns. In four out of five cases, heating system repair jobs could’ve been avoided by having regular, professional maintenance. During a tune-up of your heating system, your service technicians will not only be providing maintenance on vital parts and components, but also performing an extensive inspection. This allows them to identify issues and fix them before they become more serious, saving you from an expensive repair bill.
  • They reduce your energy costs. With a well-maintained heating system, you can guarantee peak performance to keep your home comfortable while utilizing the least amount of fuel. Ultimately, this means saving money on energy bills and driving down winter heating costs.
  • They better protect your investment. Your heating system is a major investment in your home, so taking proper care of it should be a priority. Not only will a tune-up make your heating system more efficient, but it also reduces breakdowns, leading to a longer system shelf life in return.

    Investing time into maintenance now could help you get the most out of your heating system now, and not have to go through a replacement process sooner than you should.

  • They help protect your heating system’s warranty. To maintain the validity of your heating system’s warranty, many manufacturers require that you receive yearly professional tune-ups. Without them, you are at risk of having to pay costly fees for repairs once your warranty has been voided.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in this position—keep up with maintenance and ensure ongoing protection!

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