How Far From a House Should a Propane Generator Be?

Important Safety Facts You Should Know

propane generator location cookevill, tn Spring season weather brings with it an increased risk of severe weather like powerful thunderstorms. With those, there’s an increased risk of the power going out.

And for situations like that, Advanced Propane can help keep your home safe and comfy when the power by installing gas lines from your home’s propane tank to a propane whole-house standby generator.

With a generator installation comes an inherent need for best safety practices, once of which is how far your standby generator needs to be from your home. Here’s some important information you should know about safely installing a standby generator in your home:

A Primer on Backup Generator Installation

It is recommended that your standby generator be installed at least 18 inches from the exterior of your home. It also needs to be at least five feet away from doors and windows.

Do NOT install a standby generator under an overhang or in a breezeway, or in a recessed area surrounded by trees or shrubs; give your generator a 36-inch clearance from any combustible materials such as trees, plants, and fencing.

Further, you must make sure the generator is not placed in an area where snow drifts can pile up around it and block the exhaust.

Also, some communities require a standby generator to be at least five feet in from the property line.

Where Should You Place Your Standby Generator?

There are many safety factors to consider here besides how far from the house your generator needs to be. Here are some other things we can help you to figure out:

  • Location of propane tank. It is recommended that you place the standby generator near the propane tank. This helps to lower the installation cost as there is less gas piping to run and further reduces the chance of disruption of the gas supply.
  • Exhaust. Your generator should be placed where prevailing winds will help blow exhaust away from the house.
  • Local codes. In some communities, there are regulations about the installation of standby generators, and some also require permits. We will help you with this process to cover off any specifics.
  • National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) codes. Advanced Propane installs propane standby generators to all standards in the NFPA codes.
  • Noise levels. Here is another reason to place your generator as far from windows as possible. All generators create some noise, and placing yours away from windows reduces the impact of that noise in your home.

Additional Standby Installation Generator Guidelines

Create a level surface. An uneven surface under the standby generator could cause it to trip. Also, generators vibrate when they’re running. The noise they create is exacerbated if the surface under the generator is not level.

Place the generator near the service panel. The service panel is what supplies the electricity to your home that’s produced by your standby generator.

Consider your neighbors. As we mentioned earlier, all standby generators create noise. Install your generator as far as you safely can from your neighbors’ homes if your lots are in tighter proximity.

Don’t be caught without power! Contact Advanced Propane today to get started on the process of installing a propane whole-house standby generator at your home.