What Size Grill Propane Tank Do I Need?

Enjoy grilling with propane at your home!

grill tanks Lebanon, ky If you are looking to upgrade to a propane BBQ grill for your home, congratulations! You’re going to love the ease and convenience of grilling with propane.

You may have questions if you’re new to propane grills. One of the more common subjects people have questions about is grill propane tanks.

The standard propane tank size for grills is the 20-pound tank you commonly see at exchange stations located at grocery stores, gas stations, and home improvement stores.

Should I exchange or refill my grill tank?

This is a matter of personal preference. It is easier for many people to do the grill tank exchange, as they are in so many convenient locations.

However, refilling your grill tank is more cost effective. That’s because when you refill your propane tank, you pay only for the fuel that is being added. However, if you decide to exchange it out instead of refilling it, then any remaining amount of propane in the original tank will be lost—even an “empty” one may still contain propane! Over time, these small losses can accumulate quickly.

Can I connect my grill to my home’s propane tank?

This is not only doable, but it is a popular option. Many homeowners have created a dream outdoor kitchen by connecting their grill to their home’s propane tank.

This offers multiple advantages, the big one being you no longer need to deal with grill tanks and worrying if the grill tank has enough propane for your cookout. Reliable propane delivery, including our Keep Filled automatic delivery, ensure that you’ll always have propane for your grill.

However, this option may not be right for you. Here are some things to take into consideration when it comes to connecting your grill to your home’s propane tank.

Professional installation is required. Running gas lines and installing propane appliances is not a do-it-yourself project. You are going to need service technicians. Advanced Propane offers gas line installation.

Your home’s propane usage will be impacted. The propane supply for your home’s heating, water heating, cooking, and other uses will be depleted faster. It is more important than ever to check your propane tank gauge regularly. If you are a Keep Filled Automatic Delivery customer, please let us know that you’ve done this so we can adjust expectations for your propane usage accordingly.

Another problem could arise if you leave your grill’s burners open by mistake. This could cause some expensive fuel losses and potentially require an emergency propane delivery.

There is an increased risk of gas line damage. While the gas line from your home’s propane tank to your grill is buried underground, the area from where it comes out of the ground to the where it connects to your grill may be exposed. This leaves those lines vulnerable to being chewed on and damaged by mice, squirrels, and other outdoor pests. That damage could cause a gas leak, fuel loss, and necessary repairs.

You can’t move your grill. For a grill to be connected to your home’s propane tank, it must be fixed in place.

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