What Does a Propane Leak Smell Like?

Here’s what you need to know if a propane leak happens

gas leak Cookeville, tn Thanks to the commitment of propane companies like Advanced Propane and strong government regulations, propane has maintained an excellent safety record.

Although propane is generally safe to use at home, it’s important to know how to use it safely and what steps to take in the unlikely event of a propane leak. We have compiled a list of common questions and their answers to help you learn more about propane safety.

What does propane smell like?

When it comes to propane safety, this is the most important thing you should learn.

Propane doesn’t have a natural smell. Manufacturers add a smell to propane using an odorant, most commonly ethyl mercaptan. This scent helps people detect any leaks of propane quickly and easily.

If you smell a strong and unpleasant odor similar to the smell of rotten eggs or a skunk’s spray in your home, it is a likely indication of a propane gas leak.

What do I do if I smell gas?

First, let’s discuss what actions to avoid if you detect the smell of propane gas.

The first thing to not do is panic. It will be easier to stay calm if you follow our safety guidelines below. Secondly, refrain from attempting to locate the source of the odor. It is advisable to allow the specialists to handle it and instead concentrate on ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you.

Let’s talk about the actions you should take once you detect the distinctive rotten-egg/skunky that indicates a propane leak.

Evacuate the house right away, and don’t forget to bring your pets with you.

Before leaving, make sure to extinguish any potential sources of ignition such as candles or cigarettes.

As you leave the house, do not use any items that can create a spark, such as light switches, telephones, or vape pens.

If you can safely reach it, turn off the propane supply valve on your propane tank. It’s also important for all adults in your household to know how to do this. If anyone doesn’t, now is a good time to contact us so we can teach you.

When you are at a safe distance from the source of the propane leakage, contact 911 and then Advanced Propane immediately.

For your safety, please keep a safe distance until the first responders and service technicians have found the leak and done repairs. Wait for their approval before returning to your home.

How do I protect my home from propane leaks?

One of the best ways to prevent propane leaks is to make sure to schedule regular maintenance from an expert for all your propane appliances.

During a tune-up, a trained propane service technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your appliances. If they identify any potential gas leak issues, they can fix them.

Invest in propane leak detectors to increase the safety of your home. Position them near your propane appliances, such as water heaters, stoves, and fireplaces. Remember to place the detectors lower than the pillows on your bed since propane gas is heavier than air.

It is inaccurate that carbon monoxide detectors can detect propane leaks. In fact, they are not designed for this purpose. Similarly, a propane leak detector cannot detect carbon monoxide leaks. To ensure safety from both, it is crucial to install both types of detectors in your home.

Do you have questions about propane safety? Get in touch with Advanced Propane and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!