The Many Ways Commercial Propane is Used

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propane Lebanon, ky Advanced Propane is proud to serve a diverse range of businesses as their trusted commercial propane provider. Our clientele includes esteemed industries such as healthcare, education, and more.

Propane commercial standby generators play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply to healthcare facilities, nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, apartment buildings, grocery stores, office buildings, and other businesses. Our reliable bulk propane delivery service ensures that they always have an ample supply of fuel to meet their needs.

Propane for construction

Temporary heating offers more than just comfort and safety for your employees; it provides invaluable support for specific projects or materials. Below, we have outlined several ways in which temporary heating can expedite the progress of your construction or renovation project, ensuring it remains on schedule. By doing so, it not only protects your business’s bottom line but also that of your subcontractors.

  • Paint and joint compound can dry and cure properly 
  • Concrete and brick are shielded from structural damage caused by the freezing and thawing of ice crystals. This protective measure guarantees the integrity and longevity of these materials, maintaining their strength and stability over time
  • Equipment can operate properly 
  • Plaster and stucco are protected against damage and failure caused by freezing and thawing, ensuring their durability and longevity
  • Ground thaw units enable uninterrupted digging and outdoor paving projects, even in the harshest winter conditions
  • Exposed plumbing is protected from freezing and bursting 

Propane for hospitality

Tourism is a huge industry here in Middle Tennessee. The Greater Nashville region had 14.4 million visitors in 2022, who spent $8.8 billion at hotels, restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, concerts, sports events, and more.

Propane plays a crucial role in the operations of various hospitality businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts, inns, event centers, golf courses, resorts, and more. These establishments rely on propane for a multitude of purposes, ensuring smooth and efficient operations throughout their premises.

Clothes dryers that are powered by propane are highly preferred due to their ability to dry large loads of laundry, including linens, 25% faster than electric dryers. Not only does this result in less wear and fewer wrinkles, but it also significantly improves the efficiency of housekeeping staff and reduces energy costs.

Propane is a valuable resource for restaurants, events centers, and other commercial kitchens in the region. By utilizing propane ranges and grills, these establishments can achieve precise and immediate temperature control, resulting in the preparation of high-quality meals. Additionally, propane powers essential equipment such as deep fryers, broilers, and warming stations. Its high-efficiency water heating capabilities further enhance the overall energy efficiency of these establishments.

Propane offers a fantastic way to elevate outdoor experiences. With propane fireplaces and firepits, outdoor gatherings become even more enjoyable. Stay warm during colder weather by using propane deck and patio heaters, allowing you to dine outside comfortably. Additionally, propane grills provide versatile cooking options, enhancing your culinary adventures.

Propane for agriculture

Agriculture is an essential part of the economy here in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

As a locally-based business, Advanced Propane possesses a deep understanding of the unique needs of farmers and agriculture-related enterprises. This intimate knowledge sets us apart from large, national propane companies, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of our valued customers.
Propane plays a vital role in various applications on local farms. It offers dependable and energy-efficient heating solutions for barns, poultry and hog houses, greenhouses, and other agricultural structures.

Propane-powered flame sanitizers are employed in poultry houses to eradicate bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens on the poultry litter and floor through the application of intense heat. This method not only ensures effective sanitation but also eliminates the issue of viruses, bacteria, and fungus developing resistance, a common occurrence with chemical sanitizers.

Utilizing propane for tobacco crop drying offers a cost-effective solution that results in increased yield.

Another way that propane helps farms is with flame weed control, that is faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly than chemical herbicides.

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