What Size Generator Does My Home Need?

Advanced Propane helps keep your home safe and comfortable when the power goes out!

generators Cookeville, Tn With winter coming soon, you may be concerned about power outages at your Middle Tennessee home. Ice, storms, wind, car accidents, grid failures, and other incidents can all cause you to lose power.

Advanced Propane is your one-stop shop to help protect your home and loved ones during power outages with our standby propane generator services. We’re here for you every step of getting your new generator. Here’s what we do:

  • Install your new generator’s propane tank
  • Run gas lines from the propane tank to your generator
  • Provide reliable propane delivery so your standby generator has the propane it needs to provide power to your home

Advantages of propane standby generators

No need to sit in the dark, uncomfortable, during power outages when you have a propane standby generator! Here are some of the ways a propane standby generator helps you get through a power outage.

Your HVAC system runs, keeping your home at a comfortable and safe temperature, especially in the winter when there is a risk of frozen pipes.

There is power for your home’s security system, important for outages that last longer than the security system’s backup battery’s power.

Your refrigerator and freezer keep your food safely cold, saving you from having to throw out potentially hundreds of dollars in spoiled food.

Your electronics such as phones, TVs, and laptops are powered, allowing you to keep in contact with loved ones and local authorities.

Essential medical equipment such as CPAPs and electric wheelchairs can operate.

Choosing the right standby generator for your home

Whole-house standby generators are available in a range of sizes, starting from approximately 5 kilowatts (kW) and going up to 26kW. As the kW increases, so does the generator’s power output.

When choosing a standby generator for your home, it’s crucial to prioritize power requirements over the size of your house. In addition to taking into account your specific energy usage needs, it can also be helpful to refer to your energy bills for estimating your average daily kilowatt usage. This will provide valuable insights that can assist in determining the most suitable generator size for your requirements.

This table provides you with an overview of generator sizes and their applications, helping you determine the most suitable choice for your home.

Generator kW Average price range Applications
5 kW $500 – 1,800 Refrigerator, lights, small appliances like a coffeemaker or slow cooker
7.5 – 10 kW $2,000 – $3,500 All of the above along with a furnace fan, well pump, and additional outlets
14 – 18 kW $4,000 – $5,500 All of the above along with window air conditioning and water heater.
20 – 24 kW $5,000 – $6,500 Essential appliances, electric range, multiple window A/C units
26 – 32 kW $6,500 – $15,000 All appliances along with water heating and HVAC system.
36 – 38 kW $14,000 – $16,000 Power to the entire home, including HVAC system, also used in light commercial applications
45 – 48 kW $16,000 – $21,000 Primarily used in commercial settings with larger HVAC systems, also used in large estate homes with high power demand

Stay safe and comfortable with propane standby generator services from Advanced Propane! Contact us today to get started.