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Went by the Hartsville office today and inquired about a new tank. I had been using another company for many years but was not satisfied. Not only did Mr. Farley and Andy drive immediately out in the rain to survey my existing system they returned and moved the old tank, set a new tank and came back to explain safety precautions. Mr. Farley and Andy were professional, dependable and the provided the fastest customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you!

— Lance H., Hartsville location

Realized after 5pm today that our tank was completely empty… called the Lebanon office and they were to the house within an hour and had it filled up, stayed to make sure everything restarted okay. Great service on a cold night!

— Katie J., Lebanon location

I absolutely love the people at Advanced Propane. I am not very good at keeping up with the amount of fuel I use. Thank goodness they are! I was down to 7%, had not even thought about it. The big truck pulls up and filled the tank. Now, I can enjoy the beautiful snow in my warm and toasty home. THANKS to Advanced Propane! I have never had any problems with any issues. I call them and they are always glad to help.

— Penny G.

It has been so long since I have seen such decently dressed, respectful, friendly and competent service people at our home! Your organization is top notch.

— Paul & Pam, Hendersonville

We cannot say enough good things about Advanced Propane. Thanks for being so thorough! Most companies would not have been so on top of things. Advanced Propane is dependable and professional.

— Alan & Susan, Castalian Springs

I want to let you know how extremely pleased I am with Advanced Propane service. The technician was kind and helpful. I appreciate that he answered my questions about my system.

— Edward, Gallatin

We just wanted you to know that we appreciate the professionalism conveyed by Chuck. Dress, actions and attitude do still count!

— Phil & Karen, Hendersonville