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What Is The Efficiency Of Propane Furnaces?

What Is The Efficiency Of Propane Furnaces? What You Need To Know About “AFUE” Are you in the market for a new propane furnace for your home here in our service area of middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky? If so, everything you’re supposed to think about as you shop online or in the big box […]

5 Reasons You Should Love Advanced Propane

5 Reasons You Should Love Advanced Propane Send a friend our way and we’ll reward you! Valentine’s Day is this month, and in that spirit, we’re talking about love. Everyone here at Advanced Propane loves the work we do, and all of our neighbors here in Tennessee and southern Kentucky that we serve with propane […]

Vent-free vs. Vented Gas Logs : Which Ones Should I Choose?

VENT-FREE OR VENTED GAS LOGS: WHICH ONE SHOULD I CHOOSE? We’ll help get you started on picking the right propane gas logs for your home There are a lot of awesome things about adding a propane gas log set to the existing masonry fireplace in your Tennessee or southern Kentucky home. You get all the […]


Advanced Propane offers dependable propane delivery for your home in Southern Kentucky or Middle Tennessee As January rolls on here in Tennessee, it’s vital that you keep your home warm, safe and comfortable (even if Mother Nature has done a great job of that so far this winter!) Relying on Advanced Propane for delivering propane […]

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6 REASONS WHY WATER HEATERS FAIL Warning signs you should watch out for You likely don’t pay a lot of attention to your water heater, as long as you get hot water when you step into the shower. But there may be a time where that hot water doesn’t show up. We’ve put together six […]