Propane Backup Generator Installation Services in Tennessee and Kentucky

Weather any storm with backup power—we’ll help get you set up.

Whether it’s summer storms, winter ice, car accidents or a failure in the electrical grid, you will likely be facing a power outage at your home sometime in the near future.

Power outages are not just inconvenient, they can be dangerous. That little portable generator from the home improvement store isn’t enough to get you through power outages with the security and comfort that a propane whole-house backup generator installed by Advanced Propane will!

Advanced Propane also provides proper and safe propane tank installation and dependable propane delivery so your whole-house backup generator has the fuel it needs.

Propane whole-house backup generators are a great investment in protecting your home and loved ones. Here are just some of the benefits of them:

  • Protect Your Family

    Your home’s security system will stay running when the power goes out, thanks to a propane whole-house backup generator. If someone in your home uses medical equipment like an electric wheelchair or home dialysis, they’ll be protected.

  • Protect Your Home

  • Sump pumps don’t run when the power goes out. If there are heavy rains, your basement could flood and destroy items stored down there. A propane whole-house generator keeps the sump pump running so your basement stays dry.

  • Protect Your Food

  • Food in your fridge can begin spoiling in less than a day during a power outage. You’ll have safe food, and can cook it, with a propane whole-house backup generator.

  • Protect Your Home Comfort

  • Don’t sweat or shiver during a power outage! A propane whole-house backup generator keeps your HVAC and comfort equipment running so you stay comfortable.

  • Protect Your Connections

  • During bad weather, it is essential to stay in touch with loved ones and local authorities. Thanks to a propane whole-house backup generator, you’ll be able to charge phones and laptops, use computers and keep informed with the TV.

Note: We do not sell propane whole-house backup generators. Our trained and experienced service technicians will set the lines from it to your propane tank, and then connect those lines to your generator and the propane tank.

Keep your loved ones and property safe with a propane whole-house backup generator installed by Advanced Propane. Contact us today for more information.